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Broadcast Advertising:

Who is looking out for your best interest when it comes to your advertising dollar? In most cases, it costs less to advertise your message through GG Media Productions than dealing directly with the individual media outlets. We are not media salespeople pitching different specials of the week. We work directly for you and with you, looking out for what is best for your company. Because we place large volumes of air time each month, we have negotiated lower spot costs and better time placement with each media outlet. Our system is simple, cost-effective and hassle free. We handle all the media representatives, correspondence, billing and monitoring of radio and television stations. This system allows you to concentrate on what you do best - run your business.

Telephone Message On-Hold:

Message on-hold is an effective way to enhance and refine your company's image with voice and music, as well as a way to directly appeal to your target market like no other form of advertising. When you put your customers on-hold, your business doesn't have to be - let them listen to an entertaining and informative message about your company.

Click here to listen to the on-hold message of Susan Robinson Jewelry in Tyler, Texas.

Audio Books:

Face it. You are a busy person. You can't always be there for your client, patient or congregation. That's why audio books were created. The audio book market continues to be well received by people all across the country. GG Media Productions can produce your self help, meditation, cessation, motivational, inspirational or devotional message in an audio book format on CD or as MP3 files. You can be the narrator or use one of our experienced announcer talents. Our background music and sound effects libraries complete your professional presentation.

Click here to listen to Anne McCrady's reading of, "Standing At The Back Door" from her book, Along Greathouse Road.

Click here to listen to Dr. Gayle Burress and a short sample from her relaxation therapy series.

Church Ministries:

Radio and audio are powerful tools for acquiring new donors. They offer a way to be relevant to everyday people who live across the street, across town or across the world. GG Media Productions can expand your ministry through a variety of audio outlets. Consider a series of 30 or 60 second radio commercials, a weekly or daily two to thirty minute radio program or a narrated bible series in CD or MP3 album form. GG Media Productions has years of expertise in religious radio planning, production and placement. Let us show you how to increase the outreach, community awareness and worship support of your ministry.

Click here to listen to Ronald Dart and the two minute version of his nationally broadcast radio program, Born To Win.

Click here to listen to Ron Luce, President of Teen Mania Ministries, and a commercial from his national radio series on Positive Parenting.

Click here to listen to one in a series of Women's Daily Devotionals for Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler, Texas.